Each session is charged at £9.50, the lunch time session is charged separately at £2.00. The total cost for a full day (9.00am – 3.30pm) is £21.00.

Each invoice covers the cost for a half term and they are sent out during the first week of the half term.

Fees can be paid by cash or cheque. We also accept computer share childcare vouchers provided by some employers.

Our lunch session runs from 12.00pm -12.30pm. Parents provide a healthy packed lunch and the cost for care over this period is £2.00. There is no need to book a lunch session in advance.

Our Routine

When the children arrive they have the opportunity for free play within the Preschool room. Once all the children have arrived the free play is extended to outside. We provide a good balance of child-led and adult-led activities which children can access as they wish.

Halfway through the sessions children are encouraged to help tidy up and we have a short circle time as a group where we sing the children’s choice of nursery rhymes and songs or have a discussion.

Children are then helped to wash their hands and we have a snack. We encourage the children to eat healthily and value and encourage social interaction. After snack, children access free play again, then for the last ten minutes we have story time and sing our goodbye song.

Although this is our normal routine we use it flexibly according to our circumstances. If the children are highly engaged in an activity we will extend this time to support their learning.

We value snack as an important time for social interaction and so children sit in groups. We offer milk or water to drink and usually a choice of one carbohydrate and two fruit or vegetable. Children are encouraged to be independent, collecting and returning their own plates and cups and choosing where they wish to sit.

Key Person System
It is a specific legal requirement to run a key person system which means that each child has a designated staff member who will help the child to become familiar with the provision and to feel safe and confident within it. They will develop a genuine bond with both child and their family and offer a settled and close relationship. The key person keeps the child’s development record up to date and will discuss and exchange important information with parents/carers to ensure that the child is being cared for appropriately for each family.